The Kingdom of Brasswood

The Kingdom of Brasswood

The Kingdom of Brasswood is an establishment on the Isle of Platina, in the northwestern-most corner of the isle. It’s 105×90 miles in hex area. It’s government system is that of a theocracy, the king of Brasswood acts as a direct representative of his deity, who is always of lawful good alignment. The current (965 MSI) king of Brasswood is the elven High Priest of Labelas Enoreth, elven god of longevity.

Most rulings are in favor of maintaining good health of the leaders of the major cities and the people who settle there. The minor settlements of Brasswood consider this to be selfish and use it against Garlandas and his god, denouncing him and rebelling against his orders, laws, and actions. This doesn’t mean that the authority of the settlements disobey the ruling of the king, as they must by law, but there are villages and other settlements where there is more lenience towards bandits and thieves.

Major Cities

The major cities of the Brasswood Kingdom are the cities that are most catered by the Brasswood king and his god. Each is well-kempt, with good people and rich with goods. Top-of-the-line armor, weapons, and food, as well as spirits, inns, and wenches. Each is unique in size, structure, population, etc.

  • Brasswood
  • Penimarra
  • Marjora
  • Dranala
  • Pikkins


The capital city of the Kingdom of Brasswood. It is located on the coast of the Kingdom, to the far northwest in order to serve as the prime supplier of all goods that ship to and from the Kingdom. The Brasswood Castle is built directly in the center of the large, circular city.

The Kingdom of Brasswood

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