The Isle of Platina

The Isle of Platina

The Isle of Platina is the Easternmost Island of the three Moonset Isles. It is 255×305 miles in hex area and has five different districts of governing:

  • The Kingdom of Brasswood
  • The Fascist Matriarchal Oligarchy of Elzenor
  • Duchy of Mulligan
  • The Forest of Engslar
  • The Swamp of Shalakakth

Aside from the government-established portions of the isle, there are many wilderness and ill-inhabited areas, such as the Alahan Desert, which spreads across the south of the island, as well as many other areas, such as the massive Lost Lands, the Unexplored Region north of that, the Cascade Snatch and its many protruding riverbeds and streams, Mount Cluteris, and the Forest of No Turning Back, not to mention the massive amount of free, unestablished wilderness area directly in the center of the isle.


District | Gov’t System | Ruler(s) |

Brasswood | Theocracy (LG) | Garlandas Esquarillus (King)
Elzenor | Fascist Matriarchal Oligarchy | Reserved for Palmer
Engslar | Geriatocracy | see main page
Mulligan | Plutocracy | Priscilla Lythle,
Swamp | Anarchy | Swamp King Shalakakth

The Kingdom of Brasswood

See full page: Brasswood Kingdom

The king of Brasswood – currently Garlandas Esquarillus, Elven High Priest of Labelas Enoreth, Elven god of longevity -contacts his god directly and acts upon his god’s bidding, which is generally beneficial to the capital and the few major cities in the Kingdom. Most rulings are in favor of maintaining good health of the leaders of the major cities and the people who settle there. The minor settlements of Brasswood consider this to be selfish and use it against Garlandas and his god, denouncing him and rebelling against his orders, laws, and actions. This doesn’t mean that the authority of the settlements disobey the ruling of the king, as they must by law, but there are villages and other settlements where there is more lenience towards bandits and thieves.

The Isle of Platina

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