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The Isles of Moonset

The Isles of Moonset are a series of 3 islands that were once a single piece of land known as the Continent of Moonset. These islands are located far east of the Solnor Ocean on the World of Greyhawk map, and are far enough away from the continent of Flanaess as to not be considered part of it, let alone recognized by inhabitants of the region.

The three Moonset islands are Aurum Island, Argen Island, and the Isle of Platina.


Before the Isles of Moonset were a series of three islands, Moonset was once a single continent. Since the cataclysmic break, a tale told by many sages and clerics who had lived to see the day—the cataclysmic event took place 965 years ago (the present year is 965 MSI[MoonSetIsland])—say that it was an act of evil, in the name of the most evil demon lord/god of evil the abyss, Vinnigus. It is referred to as The Great Retribution by those who inhabit evil cities and towns—which are relatively scarce—and they consider it a great act in the name of evil.
Most people wonder what was accomplished in the process, though it is becoming more apparent with the ages passing. The younger generations rebel, ignore the tales, legends and prophecies, leaving themselves unwittingly to know of the world around them; that there is a massive world of people and creatures to encounter and places to explore. Only the scarcest and most expensive of sages, and ancient, venerable priests and mages, know that there is any sort of outside world from their island, and can transport people to and fro if monetary agreements are matched.

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